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About The Cafe

Tanusree Chakraborty ( Indian Model turned Actress in Bengali Films and Television ) graced us with her presence for her upcoming dark comedy Maya ( an adaptation of Macbeth ) to be released on the 07th of July, 2023!

Ecclesiastes Cafe, the 1st Health Cafe in Kolkata, West Bengal. A health cafe with a social aspect to not only provide food for the patients, patient parties, the mass but also for the tiger victim widows and their children in Sundarbans.

The cafe's motto is to produce and create healthy food and drinks for young and old, as is the biblical connotation of the Hebrew word Ecclesiastes i.e. Eat Healthy | Drink Healthy & Be Happy.



Ecclesiastes Cafe originated with an idea to serve healthy and tasty food that is calorie quantified while a survey was done at Genesis Hospital, Kasba, Kolkata, keeping a track of the nutritional values and calories of the food provided to patients        Pre and Post Operations within the hospital. 


The patient parties do not have to worry about where to hunt for food when their loved ones are at the hospital so we have carved out the various Thalis which are healthy and tasty with portions appropriate for each and every body type.


The Cafe Menu has been crafted to appeal to the taste buds of all our customers at an affordable price who would love to maybe have a chicken reshmi kebab but is scared to buy from a local shop which is prepared under unhealthy way whereas we would prepare in a healthy and tasty way with the best raw materials that anyone would enjoy especially children and teenagers without and kind of repercussions to our customers. 


We have healthy food for every age, every group, every community on our menu: the Taste of Indian Chinese, South Indian, Mughal, Continental, Indian, North-East, Exotic Dishes from Old Calcutta along with Healthy Fresh Juices, Smoothies, Tea, Coffee etc.


What is Bengal without "Adda" over a brewing cup of Tea? Bengal means 'Tasty Hot Pipping Milk Tea and Adda' the best pastime in Bengal.

You must have tried tea/ cha/ chai at every para-shop or a tea stall or even at a tea junction but our Cha/Chai/Tea is addictively different, the smoked flavour of masala tandoori chai or the kesar tandoori chai is a must have at Ecclesiastes Cafe with the ambience of a go-green theme aligned with fishes running around to and fro in the aquariums, a complete stress buster after a hard days' work, with dim-lighting and a perfect romantic set up but also taking care of the environment by serving you in biodegradable food boxes and containers. What else does a mere mortal want? A blissful life and creation of beautiful memories at Ecclesiastes Cafe.


If you haven't visited the 1st Health Cafe in Kolkata yet, do drop in and experience the warmth of the people who would love to serve you so that you will not only feel contented. You would satisfy not only your hunger but the pangs of hunger of a tiger victim widow, a mother and fatherless children of Sundarbans who would get a 2 square meal per day, when you buy your food from this cafe as the proceeds of this Cafe goes for their Rations every month.


Ecclesiastes Cafe, a vision turned into reality by an Entrepreneur, to provide healthy and tasty food to all patients and patient parties through the Healthy Canteen, and would love to serve more and more patients and patient parties not only in Genesis Hospital but across all hospitals in Kolkata, West Bengal and through the Health Cafe located at the hospital and main cafe in Rajdanga, we would love to provide healthy and tasty food which are tagged as junk food into preparing it with the best raw materials, which is prepared in a hygienic fresh, healthy and tasty way portioning the food quantity as per the dietitians advice and dietary charts which is calorie quantified and for fresh food for every body type irrespective of age, community, group, vegan or vegetarian or eggetarian or non-vegetarian, food for all.


TRY out our brand new VEGAN PRODUCTS | VEGETARIAN PRODUCTS, nothing gets better than veggies now !





Health cafe in kolkata west bengal
Health cafe in kolkata west bengal
Health cafe in kolkata west bengal
Health cafe in kolkata west bengal
Health cafe in kolkata west bengal
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